Surf School Presentation



Being the first and also the oldest school in Madeira, we provide everything necessary for anyone who wish to learn how to surf, explore the surfing lifestyle and those who already have surfed for years and wish to explore the waves of the world.


Our Surf Team is built around Rodolfo Machado who helped introducing surfing to Madeira some 25 years ago. He’s been an inspiring part of almost every known surfer’s life that origins from Madeira Island and is continuously being so by helping out with the regional championships on the island as co-organiser and judge.

Rodolfo Machado :

The engine of Calhau is originally from mainland Portugal. He spent his youth traveling the world as an architect and surfer before finding his “home” here in Madeira in 1992.

Speaks: Italian, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese and is currently taking German lessons.

Augustu Mendes “Duro” :

Locally born, he is the regional champion in bodyboard for several years in a row and knows our home break better than anyone. He spend most of his time in the water and lives right at the beach.

Speaks: Portuguese and English

Dan Henriksson

Swedish born snowboarder who emigrated to Madeira in 2005, he is our newest addition to the team. He helped introducing longboard skating some 10 years ago on the island and have since then progressed in his surfing with each year passing.

Speaks: Swedish and English.

Ana Paula Machado :

Manager, with extensive experience in the management of various companies on the island of Madeira, the hotel’s mentor and exquisite dishes in the restaurant. Collaborates with the surf school. It also surf fond having started practicing the sport at age 39, she participated and won some female surf competitions on the island of Madeira. she traveled the world and knew some of the best surf spots.

Speaks: French, English, and Portuguese


Visit us and experience this fantastic sport

 The school is certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation nº 256 and the Tourism Bureau licence nº 135/M/2013. All our teachers and monitors have many years of practice and experience in surfing and water activities.

TEL : (00 351) 926 189 894 - EMAIL : madeiracalhausurfschool[@]
ADRESS : 25 Rua da praia, Sítio das Casas Próximas, 9225-050 Porto da Cruz, Portugal