Choosing a Surf Lesson

Our Surf Lesson 

During the surf lesson, we work for you to become a better surfer in a safe and fun way.
Focus is always on your enjoyment and progression. The goal is for you to catch a maximum of waves.




Surf Board to rent - Calhau Surf School

We have the ideal board and wetsuit for you. You can choose among dozens of availables surfboards and wetsuits we have the right one for you.

Surf Lesson - Madeira Island

If you only have short time available or if only want to get the experience of surf you may choose only one class.

Buy a surf lesson pack to save money !

You can choose a package of classes, where we will pre define a program adjusted at your skills and see your evolution through the analysis of photos at the end of each session so that you can progress rapidly.

Madeira Island - Private Surf Lesson

Surf lesson with a unique surf instructor to you, with a program specifically made for your needs in order to progress faster and more consistently.

Surf Guide - Calhau Surf School

If you are looking for the best surf spot of the day, our experienced surf guides will lead you so that you could enjoy good day of surfing safe and fun.

Paddle Surf Intiation

you can rent all the equipment for practicing Stand Up Paddle, and if you never try it we have for you stand up paddle lessons and guides to walks along the beautiful north coast with you.

    • Students engagement with the environment.
    • Understanding different weather conditions.
    • Knowledge of the tides.
    • Safety measures.
    • Knowing the technical equipment.

    Calhau surf school has its own facilities with changing room. Located on the beach, with fresh water shower in the end of the session.

    Classes last  2 hours Minimum and includes:

    • Technical material (board and wetsuit).
    • Transfer from/to Funchal (requires a minimum number of students).
    • Insurance.
    • Photo analysis of the surf session (to register the student’s progression in each class).

    Each instructor will have maximum 4 students per class. We adapt the number of instructors depending the size of the class. Learn more about our instructors by checking their bio. Click here.

     Surf Spot :  Alagoa, Maiata, Machico or Seixal Beach (check surf spot map – click here)

    TEL : (00 351) 926 189 894 - EMAIL : madeiracalhausurfschool[@]
    ADRESS : 25 Rua da praia, Sítio das Casas Próximas, 9225-050 Porto da Cruz, Portugal